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Lansing City Pulse Endorses Jamo - 10/31/12

Jamo shows judicial qualities

"Ingham County has two strong candidates for 30th Circuit Court judge, but one made a serious misstep on the eve of the election that has caused us to change our minds and endorse his opponent, James Jamo. The Ken Ross campaign has launched a last-minute TV ad that uses a sinister-looking photo of Jamo and makes misleading claims that suggest Jamo covered up a $5 million settlement in a Grand Rapids area school board case. In fact, Jamo, who represented the schools, said he asked the court to conceal the sex-abuse case settlement at the request of the student plaintiffs, who did not want further publicity. Todd Flood, the plaintiff's attorney, called us Tuesday to confirm that. And the settlement was for $150,000, not $5 million. Such negative advertising is unseemly in a local judicial race. Moreover, we expect judges above all to be fair and this was an unfair attack by Ross." View all City Pulse Endorsements

Jamo Participates in HOM-TV Candidate Debate - 10/30/12

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City Pulse Newsmakers Discussion - 9/12/12

Jim on City Pulse
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LSJ: Attorneys seek to succeed Manderfield in 30th Circuit Court - 8/3/12

Five attorneys with wide-ranging experience are seeking to fill the Ingham County Circuit Court seat being vacated by retiring Judge Paula Manderfield. The top two vote-getters in Tuesday’s primary will move on to the November general election. The five candidates are Charles Ford, Jim Jamo, Ayanna Jones, Ken Ross and Wanda Stokes.

Two years ago, another seat on the 30th Circuit Court opened up through a judge’s retirement. Clinton Canady III won the seat, but among his challengers in that primary was Jamo, who finished third.

This time, Jamo, 54, of East Lansing, has received endorsements from numerous local judges, including most of the 30th Circuit Court’s judges he would serve with, if elected. Manderfield also has endorsed him. Jamo, an attorney for more than 27 years whose practice focuses on civil litigation, said he believes he is receiving that support because of his work ethic, his understanding of the law and his temperament.

He said he has litigated cases in 40 Michigan counties, as well as the federal courts, and has a broad range of experience in courtrooms. “I’ve seen judges who are willing to take on that work and seen some that don’t want to be bothered — and that’s just not right,” Jamo said. “I think that through that experience, I know what is appropriate for the job and what the public deserves.” Read the Lansing State Journal article

City Pulse Endorsement - 8/1/12

"Jamo’s resume for this position is remarkable. The practicing attorney for 27 years, with experience throughout the legal system, Jamo’s diverse experience, fairness and even temperament makes him a favorite among active and retired judges, making him a defendable pick." View all City Pulse Endorsements

Jamo Gains Support of Former Michigan Supreme Court Judge -- 7/31/12

Honorable Thomas E. Brennan The Honorable Lawrence B. Lindemer has endorsed Jim Jamo for Ingham County Circuit Court Judge. Lindemer is a past Director of the Automobile Club of Michigan and the American Automobile Association, and has served on the Governor's Special Committee on Prison Disturbances. A past commissioner of the State Bar of Michigan, Lindemer was also a member of the Michigan Board of Ethics. Lindemer was appointed by Governor William G. Milliken to the Michigan Supreme Court in 1975.

Cooley Law School Founder Endorses Jamo -- 7/26/12

Honorable Thomas E. Brennan The Committee to Elect Jim Jamo is pleased to announce the endorsement of the Honorable Thomas E. Brennan. The 81st Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court, Brennan served as the youngest Chief Justice in Michigan Supreme Court History. In 1972, Judge Brennan founded Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, MI where he served as Dean and President. He currently serves as Chairman of the Thomas M. Cooley Board of Directors, treasurer of the Michigan Supreme Court Historical Society, and as a member of the board of Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. "Judge Brennan's vision and integrity have resulted in numerous contributions to the law profession. I thank him for his support," said Jamo.

Jamo Participates in HOM-TV Candidate Debate - 7/19/12

Jim on HOM-TV
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Greater Lansing Labor Council Endorses Jamo - 7/12/12

The Greater Lansing Labor Council AFL-CIO has announced their endorsement of candidate Jim Jamo for Circuit Judge, as Jim's legal knowledge and skills qualify him to serve as an honest and unbiased Judge. Jim Jamo's belief that the fair application of the rule of law will protect our jobs, children and communities is consistent with the AFL-CIO and its 40+ labor unions mission which is to "improve the lives of workers, their families and community, to bring justice to the workplace and society."

Jamo Receives Strong Support from 36 Judges – 5/25/12

Jim Jamo is pleased to have the endorsement of several judges, both sitting and retired, on four different levels of the court system. The endorsements include 16 judges from the Circuit Court alone. "It is humbling to receive such overwhelming support from the bench," Jamo said. "My sincere thanks to each and every one of the judges who has affirmed my desire to serve as Ingham County's next Circuit Judge." View the judicial endorsements

Ingham County’s Top Law Enforcement Officer Endorses Jamo – 5/1/12

Jim with Sheriff Wriggelsworth Jim Jamo is honored to announce the endorsement of County Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth. "In most of our cases, giving a first-time offender a second chance is just common sense. A fourth, fifth, sixth chance? That's nonsense. Jim Jamo will respect the rights of crime victims as well as the rights of the accused," Sheriff Wriggelsworth stated. Jamo looks forward to the opportunity to work with the Sheriff to ensure safety throughout our Ingham County communities.

Jamo files for place on ballot – 4/28/12

Jim getting signatures I am pleased to report together with my wife, Liz, and our children Cristina and Benjamin, we have submitted the more than the required number of signatures to earn a place on the ballot for the August 7 primary. We appreciate the tremendous help we received from several attorneys, friends and supporters in accomplishing our goal. I want to thank all of you who signed our petitions, especially those who took the time to stop and talk about your concerns. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to explain why I want to be your next Circuit Court Judge. – Jim

(Audio) City Pulse Interview - 6/9/10

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